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Hey there!

I’m Essa, a fitness trainer for 12 years now with a university degree in Kinesiology. My baby Kalvin just turned a year old (!), and since having him, I’ve experienced firsthand some of the challenges of fitting workouts into a schedule that is dictated by a little being. (And Kalvin is a low sleep needs baby 🥴. Anyone else in the same boat??)

I tried googling “working out with baby,” but that just brought up ideas on juggling workouts along with everything else during naptime, or in 5 minute intervals when baby is self-entertaining. There had to be a better way!

That’s how Move Your Baby Weight came to be. I decided Kalvin could be my little kettlebell for workouts, and we’re both having such a blast that I just had to create a program to share with others.

A quick word on the program name: do not get me started on “losing baby weight”—let’s reclaim that term “baby weight” once and for all. Baby weight is my baby’s weight, period. Yeah, I also sometimes fret over not looking the same as I did before I got pregnant. That makes me resent all the messages we’re targeted with on social media about this all the more. Because looks are actually so unimportant—we need to care how we FEEL, how STRONG we are, to focus on what our bodies can DO. (And my experience as a trainer is that the more we focus on strength and joy, making our exercise routine a lifestyle, the more likely we are to get the physique as a side effect anyway.) So that’s why I want Google searches for “baby weight” to end up here: a place where “baby weight” refers to our adorable little kettlebells, a place of strength and empowerment.

At the moment, I’m creating the first half of the program, and looking for Founding Members to test it at a discounted rate… and to be a focus group to help shape the second half into what would be most helpful to YOU. This is your chance to personally influence a fitness program at a discount rather than a markup! So if you’ve got a cute kettlebell in your life, and you’re tired of the constant juggle between exercise, nap time, your own to-do list and spending time with your baby… sign up to be a Founding Member!

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What age should my baby be?

This founding program is for babies with good neck control. Programs for other ages are in the works too; you can sign up to get updates on those if this one isn’t right for your babe. There’s no upper age limit. You do need to be able to lift your baby weight, or be willing to work your way up with regular weights until you can use your kid.

Will this work for everyone?

Of course not. Anyone who tells you that is either lying or not selling a very good product. If your baby hates being held, this is very unlikely to work for you. (That being said, you can probably just exercise on your own and don’t need this program if you have a baby who’s happy to play by themselves!)

I have more than one kid. Will this work?

Yes! Actually, I’m including a special section just for you! For this founding program, you do need both kids to have good neck control. In the future, there will be programs for younger babies too.

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